Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Instruction from the Internet

I am in awe of everything I have at my fingertips... literally! A quick search on Google about "how to paint with acrylics" yielded numerous options. I browsed through a few, and then stopped to watch a video by Brandon Schaefer. It's a looonnngggg video but I was mesmerized by watching Schaefer's techniques - oh, and I love his palettes - in fact, I half thought of calling my challenge, "100 Paper Plates" - and posting pictures of a growing stack of plates, just like those you can see on the right of the viewing area in this screen shot from Schaefer's video!

I picked up so much in just this one video and was thinking how much more inspired I would have been from my previous in-person lesson, had my instructor provided even half the tips!

Here are a few of my ah-hah's:
  • Skies are bluer at the top. Begin with blue, mixed with white and a hint of yellow. Add more white as you progress down, using the lighter color and painting up to blend it with the still-wet bluer paint.
  • Use X's to get the paint on the canvas initially.
  • Colors in the distance are lighter and more neutralized, and are blurred. The atmosphere makes things in the far distance appear purple. Use bolder colors in the foreground.
  • Begin your painting with a large brush and progressively move to smaller brushes as you get to more detail.

Brandon Schaefer's Web Site
Brandon Schaefer Facebook
Brandon Schaefer YouTube


  1. Hi Dreaming! It's going to be fascinating to follow your progress! There are a number of painters in my background including my mother, father, and sister. I have never really tried painting although I want to ~ but I cannot be distracted any more than I am from my writing. I spent a lot of time in my Uncle Kelsey's paint shop growing up (actually he was my mother's first cousin). He became a fairly well known Canadian painter. He used oils and worked with a palette knife more than anything else. Good for you for taking on this challenge! *hug*

    1. How fascinating to have been brought up with painting all around. My dad used to try to paint and used oils. I loved the smell, and the texture of the paint when he put it on his palette.
      I don't blame you for not wanting to take on another thing! And... I love reading your blog, so keep on writing!