Saturday, December 28, 2013

#8: She Sells Sea Shells


3" X 3" canvas

Inspiration for the painting:

My older son gave me a few tubes of paint, and some brushes that I had requested for Christmas. He also sent two tiny canvases and a cute easel. My younger son was visiting, and one day proposed that we each try painting the same thing. He had collected a shell on the beach, so we chose to paint the shell. 

What I like about the painting:
  • I like the way the sky meets with the sea, and then how the sea meets with the beach. 
  • I like the clouds and the suggestions of waves.

What I might do differently
  • The horizon ended up to be a bit crooked
  • I think I should have made the sky and sea smaller, and add more detail on the beach, included the cup that would have formed around the shell by the action of the water, and maybe even a little puddle in front of the shell.
  • The shell seems to be floating above the sand, again, more detail might have anchored it.

What I learned:
  • I focused on trying to create a sense of texture, and think that the color choices helped achieve that effect. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm amazed that you can paint on a three by three canvas! Just a few touches of white in the sky and water have created the mood of a warm summer day! And your shell has a strong 3D look to it!