My Challenge

As I think about "The Challenge" I envision a twisting path through thick, lush woods. I can not see where the path is leading, and I have already experienced surprising twists and turns in the path. 

#14 - A Walk in the Rain

I want to continue. I want to see where it ends - although I am thinking the path will always go around another bend.

#13 - Heading to the beach

What began as what I envisioned to be a simple interest in learning to paint has surprised me in the journey I have taken. I began the journey in November of 2013. At some point prior to this I decided I would like to learn how to paint. I had been mulling it over when I happened upon a Web site showing a handicapped woman walking, after practicing and videotaping herself for 100 days. I thought it would be interesting to adapt that challenge to my quest to learn to paint. I knew I couldn't do that in 100 days, and videotaping my efforts would add another layer of complexity that I might turn into an excuse. Therefore, I decided that I would create 100 paintings, and document my progress, no matter what length of time it took.

I settled on learning to paint with acrylics for a number of reasons. First, their ease of use and clean up. Second, my father had recently taken some art classes and had purchased a number of acrylic tubes in various colors, brushes and a palette. He was no longer painting, so I could take borrow his supplies. 

#5 - My dad, and me... and his Alfa

And, third, I realized that with the density of acrylic, I could cover up mistakes. The thought of painting with water colors scared the crap out of me! I couldn't imagine ever being able to know what I wanted to paint, what needed to be left white, and having the confidence to put strokes of paint on paper, without being able to change them.

Unnumbered (somewhere after 20) - A Fantastical Pear in acrylic

And so, my journey began.  I signed up for a class at Michael's and created my first acrylic painting

#1 - Columbines

I set up my blog and began to post about my work. I read about painting and found a few lessons online that helped me along the path. I began to look at clouds with a different eye. I began to notice colors, and could imagine what colors I could blend to duplicate them. 

#10 - Amelia River

I began to frame what I was seeing in a different way. I was truly enjoying my trip through the acrylic painting forest.

I discovered that a community college not too far from me had adult classes in all manner of things adults might want to learn. Sadly, the Acrylic Painting class had already finished, but there was an upcoming class called "A Dip Into Art" which focused on 5 different media over 5 weeks. Hmmmm... that might be interesting. And, oh my, was it ever! I discovered that I liked charcoal. 

A series of profile sketches 

Oh, and pastels were fun, too. 

#22 - Racing the Sun

And...water color?! 
Oh. What. Fun!
(At the time of writing, I have not posted any of my water color pictures. You will just have to check back on my blog to see them in the future!)

And so, I continue to learn. I continue to read and find ways to learn online and in classes with real, live instructors. I continue to explore as I travel down the path. Who knows where it will take me? Not I!  But I do know that I am having fun, and I am enjoying the trip. 

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