Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#3: Landscape a la Schaefer

Schaefer's landscape video inspired me to paint a landscape. I decided a view of our house would provide a similar landscape opportunity as the one Schaefer demonstrated, and I could incorporate a few of the techniques. Since we will be leaving on our motorhome in a week, I thought it might be nice to have a painting of our home to display while we are on the road. Thus, I chose to make a very small painting.

4" X 5" canvas

What I like:
  • blending of the sky (but I wish I had started with a brighter blue)
  • shadows
What I might do differently:
  • colors are too bold in the background, and don't have shadows
  • find a way to bring viewers into the scene. It is rather static.
  • I might make the house smaller
What I learned:
  • small paintings don't necessarily take less time!
After thinking about this painting for a bit, I decided to add more to it. I put my horses in the painting, extended the fence and changed the color of the back hillside to try to give it more of an appearance of distance. Although I muted the color of the trees on the back hill, I forgot to add shadows and shadows for the horses. Those will be next... and then I will declare this painting 'finished'! (The colors look a bit different as one picture was taken with daylight and the other in the evening.)

#3.... almost finished


  1. The horses are a big improvement, and they pull your eyes into the photo to look at the house ~ especially the way their hind quarters line up with the trees! Nicely almost done!

    1. Thank you! I hadn't thought about the positioning of the horses... I just kinda plunked them there!