Friday, April 10, 2015

#28 Samson

Samson is Faith's big 'brother'. I sent the picture of Faith with a card I made to my friend's husband, and I made a card for her with Samson. Samson seems to be quite a character,  based on blog posts she writes, and pictures she includes. 
#28: Samson
5" x 7" pencil on vellum

What I like about the drawing:
Samson's white, fluffy coat looks quite realistic. I think I was able to create some dimension. I like his soft eye. My finished drawing is pretty true to the original.

What I might do differently:
The background is hideous. I like the crosshatch, but a little goes a long way. I probably should have taken more time with the tufts of white hair, using a sharp pencil to create more texture.

What I learned:
I need to practice different options for creating a background, and figure out when to only partially highlight a picture. 

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