Tuesday, March 17, 2015

#27: Have Faith

Inspiration: A blog friend's husband is in the hospital following a liver transplant. He is in guarded condition. But, had he not had the transplant it is likely he wouldn't have survived. Last year he acquired a darling puppy and named her Faith.  My blog friend posted a picture of Faith looking very sorry. I thought it would be a great exercise to try to capture the puppy's expression. As her husband improves, I'd like to incorporate the picture in a card for him.

#27: Faith

Gouache and charcoal pencil
6" x  9" vellum paper

Faith posted on

I was pleased with the puppy's expression. I enjoy painting with gouache, and then highlighting it with the charcoal pencils. My pup's face is a bit short. I think my original sketch was better proportioned, but then I covered the sketch with the gouache. My error came when I began to use the white charcoal pencil to define the features. 
The next time I use this technique it would probably be helpful to make a copy of the original sketch before covering it with gouache, especially if he subject has little or no white marks left unpainted. The black gouache totally obliterates the pencil marks.


  1. I, too, read Inger's blog, and am hoping that all is going well, your sketch and sending a card, caring and so thoughtful. greetings from way down south in NZ.

    1. Inger has so many wonderful friends around the world. I hope all of our well wishes and prayers give her strength. Thanks for stopping by!