Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#32: Echinacea - Botanical Drawing

This was one of the projects for the Heirloom Garden online drawing class I have been taking. 

#32: Echinacea and Swallowtail
9" x 12" colored pencil on vellum

What I like about the drawing:
I like the shading on the petals of the flower, and on the 'cone'. The blush of orange on the butterfly is pleasing. I think the shading on the leaves where they fold is effective.

What I might do differently:
The body of the butterfly is a bit chunky and clunky. I failed to do the underdrawing in Dark Umber, as was suggested in the instructions. Burnishing it with cream helped a bit, but it all seemed to get too large. There isn't much sense of where the light is coming from. The shadows are all over the place. I need to be more purposeful about selecting a light source and sticking with it.

What I learned:
I loved how the v's and inverted v's created the bristly look of the cone.

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  1. I am so off my blogging game! I've got to look into these on-line art classes because I can see the progress you are making. This is one type of drawing I would like to do. Building an ark yet? LOL