Monday, February 27, 2017

#38: Singing

Last year I bought a Singer Featherweight machine. I had been reading about them on quilting blogs, and discovered they are all the rage with quilters. A week after receiving my first machine from eBay, I bought another one from a lady in the area. I have acquired more, but that's another blog post! More recently, I participated in an acrylic painting class. For our third class we were supposed to bring something to use for a still life painting. Oops, somehow I forgot that message. However, I did have my sewing machine with me, so what the heck. Why not! Oh my.... now I know why not! Black. Shiny. Detailed. That's why not!

What I liked about this painting: 
I am actually quite pleased with the impression of a black, shiny machine with silver details. She shading on some of the details, the pin cushion for example, lends a 3D effect to the painting. 

What I might do differently:
The perspective on the machine is all wrong. This was actually my second attempt, and there are areas that are still off. I am not enamored with the background. I realize now that the machine actually looks like it is falling off the back of the table! 

Abra cadabra.... the table edge has moved!

What I learned:
I learned to make black without using black! I mixed Cadmium red, Ultramarine blue and a dark yellow. It really didn't look black, but on paper, it works. The instructor was adamant that I not pull out my tube of black as she says it really looks flat and has no vibrancy. I'm not certain mine has vibrancy, but.... 
I was quite pleased with the impression of silver that I was able to create using various mixes of white with my black. Nowhere on the painting is pure white used. 


  1. I never would have thought of tackling a sewing machine, Dreaming, but you've done well in both attempts. I prefer the shiny back of the first machine, but I am impressed with how you you created a black color out of others in the second. I actually like the reddish background because it is a great foil for the dark machine. I like the textures that you've painted in the woven piece of cloth, the metal machine, and the prickly pin cushion. You've managed to give a strong 3-D feeling to the sewing machine. I also like the strong triangular overall composition, emphasized by your use of yellow. Well done, this non-artist would say!

    1. As I have said before, you are my best (and only?!) fan! Thank you, always, for your positive comments!

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