Wednesday, February 11, 2015

#25: Dog Gone It!

As I continue with my class on drawing dogs and cats, we switch from pencil to work with charcoal pencils, both black and white.

Inspiration: After working with grey paper and some subjects provided by the instructor, Val Webb, I decided to try my hand at drawing my two dogs.

What I like about the painting: I was pleased with the second drawing. I like the texture of Tucker's mane, and the lines of the face appear softer.

What I might do differently: I didn't take enough time with the first drawing. I did my lines, dusted off my hands, and sprayed the painting to fix the charcoal. The next morning I took another look at the drawing and realized how unfinished it really was.

What I learned: I MUST step back from my work and take that 6' look. I think it may also be really important to give myself a break from the work, and readdress it later, with a fresh eye. This should have become a habit a long time ago! I also found that the charcoal pencils are very frustrating for me. The point, especially that of the black charcoal pencil, breaks in the pencil sharpener far too often. (I just Googled how to sharpen charcoal pencils and the article suggests that you use an Exacto knife blade. Complete instructions are provided. So, hey... I learned something else!)

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  1. I love these portraits of your dogs, Dreaming! I always think it is important to let whatever you are creating sit a while, maybe sleep on it. But don't be too hard on yourself; you are doing great!