Friday, January 16, 2015

Pencil Sketching

I am taking an online class with Val Webb to learn more a out sketching dgs and cats. My hubby unearthed a photo of a cat we had about 10 years ago. 

I sharpened my pencils and this is what I produced:

I was quite pleased with the results!


  1. You should be pleased, Dreaming. This is great!

    1. Hey Dreaming! I came back to look at your kitty again, and I discovered your video of your artwork! How cool is that! I have no clue how you set that up, but whatever effort you put into it, it's worth it. It's fun to watch it play and remember your art and watch your journey! Thank you for putting it up! Have a good one!

    2. The 'video' is actually a slide show setting one can set up in the back end of Blogger. The downside is that it selects from all of the images you upload on the blog. There are some that aren't my work, so those I have to load elsewhere and put them in from Picaso.