Saturday, April 21, 2018

#40: Derelict Boats

I have not had time for painting in over a year. I recently took a water color class and an acrylic class at our RV resort. Both classes inspired me to try painting some more. This painting was a class assignment for the acrylic instructor. I saw these half-sunken boats on a boat ride on an ox bow of the Caloosahatchie River.

They were haunting. My mind wanted to know their story. I felt sorry for elegant sail boats that no longer ride the waves toward new horizons. How sad to end up half-submerged in a secluded section of the river.

Acrylic on 9" X 12" canvas board

What I liked about this painting:
I really liked how the water and the reflections in the water worked out. Since Hurricane Irma the water in the river has been like a well-steeped tea. The water discolors all boats and these were no exception. I was able to show some of that discoloration. I liked the way the vines/brambles worked on the left side of the painting. It is a small detail, but you can see the vines and their reflection in the water. I also like the sky.

What I might do differently:
The boats do not look as bereft as I had wanted them to look. I am wondering if using darker colors would have had a more somber effect. I am not a fan of the trees. I may go back and add more varying shades of green, especially darker greens. That may also help make the painting more moody. I would consider adding more dead branches hanging over the boat and in the greenery on shore. It is for this reason that I enjoy acrylic!! It might be interesting to use a medium to create a 3-D effect to add texture to the water and for the leaves in the trees and those on the boats. 

What I learned:
Although I love the vibrancy of watercolors, working with acrylics is so much more forgiving! 

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