Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Challenge

I recently followed a link on Facebook to a story about a woman who participated in a 100-day video challenge to learn how to walk again. From there, I watched video clips of other people who were practicing something for 100 days. I loved the premise of this challenge, after-all, practice makes perfect. But what goal, I wondered, did I want to pursue that I could log progress over a significant period of time? The first thought was that I could finally learn how to ride a unicycle!

That was a dream of mine for many years, but sadly, Santa never brought me a unicycle. However, I began to envision road rash on my knees, bruises in places that haven't seen black and blue for a long time, and trips to the ER with sprained wrists. I am thinking that perhaps learning to ride a unicycle at my age is inadvisable.

Then, as I responded to a comment on a recent post I published on Living a Dream, I realized I had my challenge! I will adapt the 100-Day Challenge to become a 100-painting challenge, which may take considerably longer (especially with our travel schedule) than 100 days. I will record my progress in creating art and share some of my thoughts and ah-hahs on this blog.

And, my next challenge? 
Figuring out what to do with 100 paintings!!

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