Monday, December 7, 2015

#35: Greetings

I can't believe I haven't posted since May. 
I can't believe I have ONLY posted 34 other pieces of art.
I can't believe....

I have actually finished a lot of pieces - I just haven 't cataloged them. I am guilty of not working on my art, as I've gotten involved with some other things that manage to steal the day away! I have a new grand baby. We have been traveling. I have been quilting. I have been taking care of horses. Busy!

This fall my husband and I went on a trip with Adventure Caravans. We spent 32 days visiting a number of National parks in the southwest. We saw amazing things and met amazing people. Among those people were Clif and Joan. Clif celebrated his 80th birthday with us. I hope I look that great and have that much energy when I turn 80!

For once I thought ahead and began a drawing of Clif and Joan standing on the rim at Canyonlands National Park. I presented it to Clif at his Birthday party, along with a poem. There is a lot of 'artistic license' in this picture. I loosely used a photo I had, but much of it was just made to look similar to what I had seen.
Colored pencil on vellum
6 X 9

What I liked about this drawing:
The colors didn't come across in the photo. They are quite vibrant when viewing the original. I like how I was able to blend the color pencil and bring in the colors of the canyon. In some areas I feel like I was able to show the depth of the canyon and the sheerness of the walls.

What I might do differently:
Some areas of the drawing are flat. For example, the area just over the heads of "Clif and Joan", and a bit to the left. I'm thinking I should have added more shadow to bring that hillside into three dimensions. 

What I learned:
I suck at drawing people! Poor "Joan and Clif" look pathetic. But... I also learned friends are not as critical. Clif loved his drawing and said he was going to have it framed with the poem!

This drawing led to my creating some other 'art', and printing it out to make greeting cards for each couple on the trip. I made six cards. Each had copies of the art work printed on white paper, approximately 2 1/2" X 4", layered on card stock with a label on the back identifying the piece, date and my name. The images were taken from the following:

Kaibab Squirrel - Jacob Lake, AZ
Pencil 5" X 8"

Thor's Hammer - Bryce Canyon
Colored pencil on vellum
8" X 9"

Cathedral Rock - Sedona, AZ
pastel on paper
11" X 17"

Bighorn Ewe & Lamb - Capitol Dome NP
Pencil 5" X 8"

Adventure Trails
12" X 18"
(This painting will be described in a future post)

Our travel friends enjoyed the cards. Several said they would never use them. Some said they were going to get them framed. 

I enjoyed the challenge of making the cards and think it is a wonderful way to celebrate our travels, providing a nice memento for our friends. I am experimenting with different papers that I can use to simply print the art directly on the card, and not do the layering of papers. We will be traveling again this winter, so I'll try it again!